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Wait...Clovis Unified wants to build a Sewer Plant next to a School?

Terry Bradley Education Center

Proposed CUSD
Sewer Plant

What is the Terry Bradley Center?

Terry Bradley Center is the proposed new educational center for CUSD that will include a middle and highschool, eventually adding on an elementary school as well.

The property is located just north of McKinley on the cross streets of Highland and Leonard Ave.

The center would include numerous sports fields, over 2,500 parking spaces, and a state-of-the-art Event Center being a third of the size of Savemart Center, which is intended to host multiple statewide events such as wrestling and robotics competitions.

Sewer Treatment Facility for the Terry Bradley Center.

When in full operation, the Terry Bradley Education Center will require its own Sewer Treatment Facility to handle the waste that it will be producing. 

CUSD has developed blueprints for their sewer plant and has mapped out the area where it should go. The proposed to locate their sewer plant across the street from schools and in the middle of multiple upcoming neighborhood communities.

This facility will produce effluent, which is liquid wastewater, and plans to dump this into the Gould Canal to the right of the facility. Industrial facilities such as this sewer plant should meet certain considerations when planning the location.


Things to Consider When Building a Sewer Plant Facility

Plant should be built downwind of neighbors and residences (West to East)

There should be a buffer between the nearest residence to the plant facility.

Odorous facilities should be built furthest away from residences.

Odor causing facilities should be covered and properly ventilated to minimize stench.

Currently Proposed Sewer Treatment facility location

Fresno plans to begin development for this area within 5 years as part of their Southeast Development Area Plan (SEDA).

The map shows the pre-zoned areas which CUSD families will be calling home here shortly.

Placing the sewer plant in their desired location places it in the direct center of future neighborhood residential and community center zoning.

Help us redirect the sewer plant out of our neighborhoods and help make a change. Clovis Unified needs to hear the community’s input and listen to the CUSD families. Your children do not deserve to attend school with the odors of the sewer plant lingering affecting their education.

Alternate Areas To Relocate Facility

"The further away CUSD can move this from our kids and the Terry Bradley Center... the better! "

Relocating the sewer plant to location A would be beneficial for the community as it is North of areas planned for future residential development. Locating the sewer plant here would still allow CUSD to have the ease of use of the canal while having a large buffer from planned communities.

Relocating the sewer plant to location B would benefit the community as it is in a zoned area made to be undeveloped. There will be no residential developments adjacent this site. This location would also reduce the potential odors affecting our neighborhoods as it would be built downwind and away from future housing developments.

Help make a difference and RELOCATE THE SEWER PLANT

  • Send out an email to [email protected] 
  • Clovis Unified Board Meetings are every first and third Wednesday of the month.